Monday, July 19, 2010


So, its no secret that losing baby weight is hard, for most of us anyway. And this time has definitely been a struggle for me. I was counting on nursing to help me, but nada, I've been stuck since Kate was about 3 weeks old. Then I was counting on not nursing to help, although I'm still in the weaning process, so far I've GAINED about 4 pounds. So yeah, time for me to work at it. So, in order to feel like I'm accountable to someone, I plan on posing weekly updates on how my weight loss and exercise are going. Cheer me on people, will power is NOT my middle name, so I'm gonna need some help. Know that I plan on being sensible and allowing myself to cheat occasionally so as not to lose my mind! Ryan and I are planning to put some sort of wager on our weight loss goals so we can use our natural competitiveness to help us along too. So, here is to week 1, day 1! So far so good, got in about 20 minutes of elliptical and a few weights, and haven't eaten anything too glutinous yet. :)


Rob & Tiffanie said...

I feel the opposite about nursing. I know it shrinks my stomach down faster with the uterus and everything, but as for weight I was told that maybe my body is holding onto the last bit of weight for my baby. I tried the same diet and exercise that has worked in the past and lost 0 lbs, but I wasn't nursing then, so maybe thats why it came off so fast. I am trying to be patient with myself and when I start feeling better I see some picture of myself and look more restrictive diets though. I think it is good to eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day and then eat a treat when I want and not feel bad about it. I hope you find the will power!

Ellingson's said...

come work out with me & danielle. we run or do a work out video. we shoot for every night after the kids go to bed, but it doesn't always happen. it feels good to at least do something everyday even though my weight's not really coming off yet either. BOO!

Emily said...

I've been working with my friend Tori for about 4 weeks, she has a degree in health and nutrition. She does not believe in will power, she just believes in controlling yourself. It's been hard, but the main thing for losing weight, according to her, is what we eat. I calculated how many calories I need to maintain my weight if all I did was sit on the couch all day, and it's 2600 (I know! A lot, huh?) so by cutting out 1000 calories a day, I automatically lose 2 pounds a week, WITHOUT EXERCISING. I joined and all you do is enter what you eat and it counts your calories for you. It's awesome and so far I'm down 6 pounds! I have a lot of weight to lose so it'll be a long road, but I thought I'd pass along the tips. :)