Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Larson Cup 2010!

So, as I've mentioned in the past, every year my mom's side of the family does a triathlon. It has come to be one of my favorite things. I look forward to it every year. Its a super fun and healthy tradition! This year we created our own triathlon instead of paying to participate in a different one. I designed the tshirts and I did a relay with Ryan and my brother-in-law Alan, I just wasn't ready to try the whole thing just yet this close to my c-section, but next year, watch out! I was proud of myself though, after very little practice I was still able to complete the 500 meter swim in just under 10 minutes. Its not lightning speed, but I was sure I would be at least 12 minutes this year, so I was extremely happy with my time. I don't have any pictures from my portion, cause I was a litte busy in the pool, and you don't want to see this post pregnancy body in a swimsuit, trust me, but enjoy some pictures of the other competitors!

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Valerie said...

Love the t-shirts! I was so disappointed when I found out (like 2 days after I bought a non-refundable plane ticket) that I was going home to Iowa City two days before the Larson Cup. Not only did I miss it AGAIN, I made Kristi miss it too since she helped me make the trip home. Hmm, maybe next year?