Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 1 Update

So, here I am, faithfully posting my weekly weight loss update. I'm only down about 1/2 a pound, but I think there is bloating to blame for that. I wasn't perfect in my eating this week, but I'm doing better, little by little. I've starting tracking my eating on and it helps to have to write everything down. I worked out 3 times last week, and am off to a good start this week with 25 minutes of cardio and an ab video. I officially started doing to couch to 5k program this morning to train for the Wasatch Woman 5k in October. I ran it last year and loved the energy of all of those women running together, so I'm determined to do it again, and do it better! We bought me an early birthday present of a treadmill a couple days ago, so now I can really get training! So far Ryan is winning the weight loss challenge, but only by a little bit, I'm gonna overtake him this week!

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