Friday, September 17, 2010

Stick In The Mud

I've been a total stick in the mud lately. No fun at all. I blame it mostly on dieting. Seriously. Food is one of my true joys in life and feeling guilty every time I eat something I love just really sucks the fun out of it. But besides that I just feel like I've been overwhelmed with everything. Must exercise. Must count calories. Must figure out how to clean the house again. Must keep floors always clean (Kate is minutes away from crawling, I'm sure of it). Must find the bottom, or at least the middle, of Mt. Laundry. Plus preschool makes it so every morning is a rush and I'm constantly saying, "we have to hurry!" Then by the time I'm finished worrying about all that (okay, I'm never finished...) I'm so tired that I get on my kids case every time they get rowdy. They are 3 and 4, they are supposed to get rowdy and have fun! Not be rushed and shushed every two minutes! Poor kids. So my goal for today and coming days is to find some ways to inject fun into our day and my life in general. The first thing I've done is use music! Have you all tried Pandora radio? You should! Just tell it what kind of music your in the mood for and it creates a custom radio station with little to no interruption. It rocks. My latest favorite is Glee radio! Its the best to clean to...So, feel free to give me any suggestions on ideas that are fun, but not stressful or too horribly messy, since the constant mess of my house if part of my stink-in-the-mudness. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Both big kids had their first days of preschool this week. They both did great! And I did not cry a tear. They were so excited.

James was so happy to have something just for him! Not tagging along with sister or anything, just all big boy James time! I couldn't get any good first day pictures cause he was too anxious to get there!

Beth has been counting down to this day for weeks! She was so excited to go to preschool and get to stay "all the way past lunch!" Her school is combined with dance classes and so she gets to take a lunch for the break between preschool and dance two out of the three days a week. She felt like such a big girl! Now she has homework and everything! I cannot believe how grown up she is all of the sudden.

Now James wants to pose!

And just for kicks and so Kate doesn't feel left out...Check out the bunny shoes and those perfect blue eyes!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miracles DO happen!

My good friend Angie captured these adorable shots of my kiddos last week. I cannot believe we got several GREAT pictures of all three kids being happy for the camera! Than NEVER happens! LOVE THEM!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Just so you all know, I'm still trying to lose weight. I'm trying pretty hard! I'm not having success so far though, so I'm pretty frustrated. But, I know I'm getting in better shape because I have more stamina when I run (which I faithfully do three times a week, at least)...if only I started looking better...anyway, that's why you haven't seen updates the last few weeks, its just too depressing. But, I will keep pushing on!

On another note, Kate is totally sitting up now, I love it! She's also starting eating finger foods which is fun. AND, she has two teeth! Apparently 6 months was her cue to grow up! I can't believe how fast she's growing! And I still don't know where those blue eyes came from...

This week is big for the other kids too, preschool begins! I'll post first day pictures and such in a couple days, how are my kids getting so big?!?!?