Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beth is 5!!

(My pretty girl! She insisted on going to get her hair done and wearing a dress-up all day, because that's what birthday girls do!)

Okay, so I'm more than a week late on this post, but my big girl turned 5! I seriously cannot believe she is that old. I feel like I just found out I was having my first baby and now I have three and the oldest is 5!!! Where did time go? Here are some highlights from her birthday weekend. No party this year, although I actually had a creative idea for one, but Disneryland was her big gift, no moolah left for a party!

Dinner at Red Robin, brownie sundaes, and presents with cousins!

Her giant cupcake cake! (Not my favorite i've ever made, but she liked it!)

Party with Grandma and Grandpa Owen

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Emily said...

I know just how you feel. Happy birthday to your pretty girl. In that last picture, it is YOU 20 years ago. Crazy!