Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween was fun, but pretty low key this year. Fine with me! I'm still recovering from "vacation". Haha!

The Costumes:
Fancy Nancy (If you are saying "Who?", you are not alone, She is one of Beth's favorite book characters, we have a ton of the books.)
Fancy Nancy has crazy curly hair, so every time she had to wear the costume we had to do curlers! This was the second time around, it was a bit more successful than the first (the above pictures)

Buzz Lightyear! To infinity, and beyond! (Doesn't he look excited? Not a single good picture. Darn kid!)

Katie Bug the Ladybug! Cutest bug ever!!

Gabby the Gator as the Good Witch! (Beth got to bring her home for a birthday sleepover from school, so we dressed her up to bring her to the school's trunk-or-treat!)

Forgot to get a picture of my costume! Dope! I dressed as an Angel for the ward party...Ryan is a party pooper, no costume there.

Posing with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house, a yearly tradition!

And, just for kicks, I have to throw this picture in! You can see Beth's really curly hair and my adorable matching girls!


Emily said...

Her hair in that last picture is AWESOME! I love the Fancy Nancy books too, although my boys are getting too old for them (you know, when anything "girl" is horrible to them). I love Kate's little ladybug too. What a cute Buzz! The real Buzz wouldn't smile for the camera either, don't you worry. :)

Amber Miskin said...

Lady Bugs were all the rage this year I guess! I have 4 friends who dressed their little girls up as lady bugs! I love Beth as Fancy Nancy! Have I read her, no, but Beth is the cutest one I've seen, and I've seen a few! :)