Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Festivities

For some reason I'm not that great at taking pictures during the holidays. I did alright this year, but I'm realizing I missed a few things. Oh well! A few of the things not pictured...We went to the lights at Thanksgiving point and afterward we saw the reindeer! We also went to the mall to meet Santa and ride the train. We were lucky enough to get to be on the train when it picked up Santa to take him to his "North Pole" after his lunch break. Fun stuff. I actually did get pictures of that, but only on my phone and I don't know how to blog Then on Christmas Eve we went to my brother Dion's house and partied it up! My sister Debbie and her family were here from Boston and it was so fun to hang out with lots of family! Good food and a good ol' "yanky swap" (aka White Elephant gifts).

Okay, on to the pictures. First off we have our traditional gingerbread house building! So fun, the kids really look forward to it every year. One of these days we'll make one from scratch. This was not that year.

Next was mom's sick day. I was actually pretty sick all week, but Wednesday was the worst. I was throwing up all night and spent the morning at the InstaCare and the rest of the day on the couch or in bed. Thank heavens for a husband who works from home and can help out when I have days like that! The kids were taking really good care of me though! As you can see they wanted to make sure I didn't get too cold! There are 3 blankets there...

Christmas Eve we had our sugar cookie making party! I love sugar cookie day, despite the gigantic mess it creates. We invited some neighbors over to decorate with us. I forgot to take pictures during the festivities, but here are a few of the completed cookies. So cute and tasty!

Then finally, CHRISTMAS MORNING! The spoils before the kids got to them...

And after...

Everyone seemed happy with what they got, we got a Wii for a family gift and went pretty cheap otherwise, but the kids didn't seem to care that the toys weren't anything super big and expensive. They don't completely appreciate the Wii yet either, but we know they will once they get the hang of playing their games.

Kate didn't care thing one about any of her gifts really except the binkies from Santa and her new Leapfrog music table (new to her, we got it from kid to kid for $11! ). I KNEW she would love that table, no toy has ever kept her attention like it has, so glad I found it! The rest of her gifts were mostly hand me downs anyway, and she plays with them, but she was so engrossed with the table and watching the big kids rip paper to shreds that she didn't really notice the presents for her. But she thought it was all the best thing ever, boxes and paper and noise, it was great! It was so fun to watch!

Do you see the binky? Personalized and adorable! She got 3 like it and one "Mute Button" binky. Love it! And don't you just love the look she's giving me in this picture? haha...

Later that afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa Owen's house for more gifts and a yummy Christmas dinner. Didn't get pictures of that either. Doh! Then yesterday we went to my sister Doneen's house and had a big traditional Christmas dinner with my family. I just love being surrounded my family. I wish it could be like this all the time!

As for my gifts, it started a week or so ago at Ryan's work party where I got $150 in gift cards to spend on me! Yay! I've 2/3 of it already and have gotten a sweater jacket, a shirt, two dresses, and two pairs of pants...although I'm second guessing one pair, so I might still exchange those. I love new clothes...if only they could be 3 sizes smaller...I'm hoping to have a shopping day with my sister before she goes back to Boston to have her help me pick some things with the remaining gift card. I also got 2 books and the big Miche bag! Yay! I've been wanting it forever and Ryan has always made fun of me, but it turns out he's had it waiting to surprise me for weeks! Now I get to pick a shell for it. And of course, the Wii was a lot for me, we've already had a blast with it!

Ryan got $100 from his work that I think he is spending on more stuff for the Wii, then he got an ipad case, and iphone case, a book, a game and a movie. And of course new carpeting and flooring two months ago...haha.

All in all a great Christmas, if only I could have felt great all week it would have been perfect. I love my family and this time of year! On to New Years, yay! I cannot believe a new year in upon us. I can't wait to see what it brings. Here is one more picture to close things out, turns out Kate LOVES candy canes! :)

First Dance Recital!

Beth had her first dance recital on December 16th. It was so cute! I wasn't sure going into it if she even knew the dance cause she wouldn't show me, but she did great! The recital was SO crowded that most of our family had to stand. Kate and I and my mother-in-law got a seat right before it started, but in all the chaos I totally missed my chance to get a picture of her dancing on stage. Dang it! But here are some picture of her getting ready for the show. Each little girl class just wore their outfits that they practice in with a cute Christmas accessory. Beth's class had cute fluffy pink or purple plaid earmuffs. Her class danced to "Rockin' around the Christmas tree". I'm excited to see how she does at their big year end recital in May with real costumes and stuff. I can't believe how quickly she's growing up!


The tooth fairy (whose name according to weird Owen family tradition is Bruce) made its first visit to our house! I CANNOT BELIEVE my Beth is old enough to be losing teeth. Craziness. Its been wiggling for several week and finally my sister-in-law yanked it last week. Beth was ecstatic with the "Golden Coin" that the tooth fairy left. I feel old.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Daddy

My Dad had a heart attack about a week and a half ago. It was probably the scariest couple of hours I have ever experienced. I was at my Christmas concert for the Sterling Singers when I started getting frantic calls and texts to call home. I finally got a chance to listen to my messages and there was one from my mom informing me that he had had a heart attack and was in the Cath lab. She had no idea what condition he was in and she was alone. Poor mom! I wished I could magically transport myself to Arizona to hug her and be with her while she waited for news. A couple hours later we were finally relieved to know that he was okay. They had to place 3 stents in his heart, but my mom was able to get him to the hospital so quickly that his chances of full recovery were good. They said another 10 minutes and he probably would have been in cardiac arrest. Scary, scary, scary! He was in the hospital for about 3 days and didn't know until near the end of that time whether there was any permanent damage. There were signs of heart damage, but the doctors finally concluded that it should correct itself now that blood flow has been restored.

I couldn't have been more shocked by all of this! Of all the possible things that could happen to my dad heart attack was never even on my radar. He eats grain mush half of his life for heavens sake! I've always been a bit of a daddy's girl. I spent most of my growing up years with my dad. And there is nothing like a near death experience to make your realize you are taking things for granted, even if its not your near death experience! I decided to start writing my dad letters. Real snail mail letters. There is something really special about real mail. I've only written one so far, and I'm waiting for my return letter to arrive. I can't wait! My life is not all that exciting, so I'm not sure what all I will write about, but I'm mostly excited for when he writes back. My dad is so smart, so full of wisdom and great stories and I can't wait to learn everything he still has to teach me. I hope he'll be around for a long long time so I can soak in all I can! I wish he lived closer, I still feel like I need to see him with my own two eyes and give him a great big hug to make sure he's really okay! I've talked to him on the phone several times and my brothers who went down there assure me he is, but I just wish I could see him. Maybe soon.

Love you daddy! I'm so glad you are okay!