Monday, February 14, 2011

More Photography assignments

Day 10: Space- Where they are comfortable
I'm still working on this one, I haven't come up with shots I love love yet, but here is one I liked.

Day 11: Dreams
I'm working on this one too, its hard to pinpoint dreams of small children...But I'm trying.

Beth said she wants to be a dancer

Day 12: The Eyes
I love my kids eyes! All of them, I had lots of fun trying to get pictures of them, here are some favorites.
I haven't captured Beth's eyes to their potential yet, but luckily she's a willing subject, so I will keep trying! Lighting in hard to figure out in my house!

My ISO was too high on this one, its a little grainy, but I LOVE this face!


Branden and Sarah said...

So cute! Your kiddos are darling!! Great job! PS thanks again for the cookie cutters :)

Dion said...

Great photos! Thanks for posting.