Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photography Class

Sorry, slacking on the blog front. Updates to come. For now I wanted to share some pictures! I signed up for a free online photography class that my brother was doing. Its fun to have something to work on and motivation to do it. I signed up a little late, so I started with the day 8 assignment.

It is a month long class focusing on the joy of love with a different topic each day. Day 8 was gifts from the heart and we were supposed to photograph something that a loved one gave us. Here is my favorite shot.

Day 9 is passions and hobbies of loved ones. My favorite:

runners up:
I'll keep posting my assignments so I can see how I'm doing and see what you all think!


BensonFam said...

I love that idea! I'm excited to see what else you do. Which brother is this?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm doing it too! But I've been very very bad at posting. Dion is so on the ball! I started on Day 4 I think...

Dion said...

I really like the crayons. Cool lighting!