Friday, February 25, 2011

Time Flies Too Fast!!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE that my baby girl is 1!! This year has been the fastest, craziest, most up and down year of my life, but I would not change a second of it. I love this girl with my whole heart! How did she grow so fast?!?!

A few facts about Kate:

Kate is rambunctious and always must be the center of all activity.

Kate is clingy to her Mama!

Kate can say Ball, Mama, Dada, Baba and Balloon (wounds like oon, getting closer to boon, I'm pretty sure that's what she was saying in the above picture!) and is working on Book.

Kate's favorite game is "Where's the ball?" She puts her hands up in a questioning way and says "a ball?" then hopes you will find it and play the game with her. Its adorable.

Kate loves her binky and her "bippy" when she's tired or crabby.

Kate loves to dance to any music and loves all musical toys, her favorite song seem to be the Monk theme song. Did I watch too much Monk while she was in Utero?

Kate is utterly fascinated by balloons.

Kate is a morning baby. She is cheerful and adorable when she wakes up. Its my favorite time of day with her.

Kate loves to eat and much prefers to feed herself. She is getting quite insistent about that fact actually. Her favorite flavor seems to be cinnamon, anything cinnamon she will scarf down!

Kate is a good sleeper, finally. She sleeps from 7pm to 7:30am, although the hours of 8-11pm are kind of restless for her most nights. Then she takes a morning nap around 10am and an afternoon nap around 2:30pm. The length of the naps varies from day to day but generally about an hour and a half each. Some days much shorter though.

Kate is very moody and sometime difficult. 6pm is the worst time of day at our house generally, she does a lot of crying during that hour most days. Sometime Mama wants to sell her to the gypsies, but luckily she's too darn adorable.

Kate still has blue eyes. We still have no idea how.

Kate is a SUPER fast crawler, but is on her way to being a walker. She can stand for long periods of time now and has taken 3 consecutive steps on several occasions now. I think she'll definitely be out earliest walker. (The other kids were both 14 months)

Kate is completely weened off of formula and getting close with the bottle.

Kate loves baths and being busy out of the house, when she's cranky we run errands or go somewhere, she's always happier that way.

Kate's favorite toys are the ipad (much to daddy's chagrin) the apple tv remote (also to daddy's chagrin), her leapfrog table, her maracas, and balls.

Kate LOVES shoes. I find her trying to put them on herself quite often. I think we have another girly girl in our midst.

I don't know her weight and height officially yet, her appointment is on Monday, but I can easily say she is still the smallest baby in our family.

And while I could go on all day, i'll finish with this. Kate has to be one of the most loved babies around and we are so glad she's our Katie-Bug. Happy Birthday little one! Try not to grow too fast, mommy misses her baby already.

By the way, there will be lots more pictures to come, these were a couple of the sneak peeks I got yesterday. I am dying of cuteness overload! I'm trying to decide on a few favorite to blog because I don't think I can blog all 60+ of them. At least not in one post... :)


Danielle said...

Her pictures turned out so cute!!

Summer said...

That's what I was going to say.

Emily said...

When Zoe is fussy I always run errands too. She's much happier out of the house. I just wish it was warm enough to play outside, she would be in hog heaven all day long.