Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyes- Day 13

I promise the next post will be about something else! I'm planning to do an update on my eyes now just when I note big changes or about weekly...

My eyes have been kind of the same for the last few days. My vision fluctuates a lot throughout the day, it usually starts out pretty good in the morning and then worsens by the evening. I think my eyes just get really tired or something. Yesterday was weird. I was pretty fuzzy all day long, church seemed to make it worse, too many faces to focus on or something. By the end of the day I felt blind and I had a nasty headache, then as I was getting ready for bed I was looking in the mirror trying to figure out what looked different and realized it was that I could see myself clearly! So strange! It was a nice little surprise to have clear vision for a couple minutes. I almost didn't want to go to sleep! This morning things are back to status quo, but I feel a little more hope. Maybe I'll be turning the corner soon? I hope?!

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Team Beardshall said...

I hope your corner turning is over and you are on the up and up....sorry if my face added to the sea of fuzzy faces yesterday! Hey just let me know if I need to stop by to our gals to visit teach them this month....I can only imagine that you have a lot going on now!