Saturday, March 19, 2011

PRK Recovery-Day 1

It was really helpful for me when I was preparing for surgery to read a few other people's accounts of their surgery so I could have a better idea what to expect, so I thought it was only fair that I post my account as well. I will post daily when possible, I have to start slow because my eyes don't allow me to focus on a computer screen easily yet.

Day 1- Surgery Day (Wednesday March 16th)
I was SCARED! Shaking in my boots, pretty much literally.
But the process was pretty painless. We got to the surgery center about 9am. We paid the bill then sat in the waiting room, enjoying a freshly baked cookie (not a Valium, but close) :) About 9:45 they called me back to a room where they took my blood pressure and gave me my Valium. Hooray! Then back to the waiting room for a few minutes. Soon they came and got me and ushered my back to the surgery waiting room where I tried to relax and let the Valium do its job. They gave me shoe covers and a super stylish surgery hat and gave me a paper to read that told me what was going to happen in the laser room so I knew what to expect. A little while later we went to a pre-op room and met briefly with the surgeon to go over any last minute questions. By now I was feeling much more relaxed, still nervous, of course, but mostly just ready to get it over with. We then walked back to the waiting room and the nurse put numbing drops in my eyes and disinfected my eyelids and eyelashes. Minutes later I was ushered into the laser room. It was cool and music was playing, I laid down on the laser table and they immediately got to work taping back my eyelashes and putting the wire thing in to keep my eyes open. It didn't hurt at all. They put a few more drops in and then the procedure started. He used a small tool to mark the area of tissue he was going to remove, then used a small ring on the same area and filled it with an achohol solution to loose the tissue he wanted to remove. That took 35 seconds. Then he soaked up the liquid and washed out my eye, then used a small tool to remove the tissue. The sensations were strange, but there was no pain. Once the tissue was removed he fired the laser, just 5 short seconds on my eyes! Afterward they put a bunch of different drops and medicines in my eye, placed a contact lens that serves as a bandage and moved on to the next eye. Everything was repeated on that eye and then I was done! The doctor asked if I could see him, and then if I could see Ryan sitting out in the waiting room. I could! Time in the laser room was probably about 5 minutes, total. Right after I was taken to another exam room and asked to leave my eyes closed for about 10 minutes while they explained my post-op instructions and medications. Then a doctor looked at my eyes to make sure everything looked okay and we were send on our way.

Walking out my vision was not perfect but was far better than before without glasses. Things were foggy but I could definitely make out more than previously.The rest of the day I just took it easy and did my eye drops as prescribed and napped on and off. I was not uncomfortable really. My eyes just felt a little beat up from being pushed around, but there was no pain. My vision came and went a little, mostly it was just really foggy. I slept fine the first night, with plastic protective covers on my eyes, as directed.

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Rob & Tiffanie said...

I thought the laser part was creepy but cool, to have this laser at my eye and smell a burn smell was not resassuring. I don't know if this was the same but I remmeber seeign my lens being lifted up....hope you can see soon! It is worth it!!!