Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eye Update- 6 weeks

I've been meaning to do an update on my eyes again for ages, but life gets in the way sometimes! My eyes are still healing, slowly but surely. I was hoping by my 1-month appointment to be all healed and excited about my vision, but I can't say I was. My eyes still fluctuate a lot, and the day of my appointment was a bad day. My eyes measured about 20/40 or so. Which is okay, but not great, and not much different from my 1 week appointment, so that was disappointing. I know that its better than that on good days, but still. My doctor said that I have a little far sightedness left in one eye and a little astigmatism left in the other, so that explains some of the ghosting and fogginess that I am still experiencing. He is not worried, and seems to think everything will continue to resolve, and luckily I trust him, so I will continue to be patient!

I don't feel like my eyes hinder me anymore, but I have had to make some adjustments. I've had to increase the font on my computer, and I try not to read anything with small print for long periods of time. I also don't drive at night unless I have to because I still have halos and ghosting a lot around lights. For the most part my left eye is doing really well, its my right that causes me the vision trouble I'm still experiencing. Nothing is crisp yet. I can't wait until I can look at something and just see the crisp lines of it instead of vague blurry edges. I'm not sorry I did it, I think it will continue to get better, but there are definitely times that I wish I had done Lasik, since I technically could have. But, of course, hind sight it 20/20, right? They told me healing time average between 4 and 6 weeks and today is 6 weeks. As I type this my eyes are pretty bad (comparatively), its been a not great day, so I'm obviously a little bummed about that. But, I just keeping doing what I'm doing and hopefully, eventually everything will clear up and I'll be happy. Its just hard to see the end of the road from here. No pun intended. :) I have another appointment in a couple weeks so my doctor can reassure me some more and take more measurements, so we'll see how that goes.

I know that my vision is greatly improved from before surgery, there is no question in that. Its just not as good as it was with glasses or contacts yet. But I can function and its nice not dealing with glasses. I should have guessed it would be like this, all of my major trials in my life have been tests of my patience! So I'll continue to wait and try not to be a whiner!


Jena said...

Thanks for the update! Don't get discouraged, waiting is so hard but it will all work out!

Geno said...

Hi I found your original comment on your PRK at Alex's blog. I read your experience here, thanks very much for that. Last update you had was at six weeks, tomorrow will be 10 weeks, how's it going.

I'm at week 4 right now, a month and a day from PRK. Still pretty blurry and significant double-vision / ghosting. I only had one eye done though, and can't imagine having done both, I would have been totally out of commission.

So, I hope all is well, give a progress report if you can! :-)

Geno said...

I'm looking forward to an update. Saturday was six weeks for me. (Left eye only). I'm in almost the same place you were at, at six weeks. Good days / bad days. I had Lasik on my right eye in December and that is getting me thru, but to have had both eyes like this would be difficult.

Hang in there and hope your eyes are doing better!