Sunday, June 5, 2011

One to remember

A coversation between James and Daddy

James: there's nothing in my head Dad.
Daddy: sometimes I wonder about that.
James: my head is just full of bones Dad.
Daddy: are you saying you're a bonehead?
James: yeah, feel how hard it is!
Daddy: (kncok, knock, knock) yep, its pretty hard!

Haha!! We all knew James was a bit hard-headed!


Team Beardshall said...

Glad you can see now! That must be so nice. I am scared to do that to my eyes and think my money would be better spent on laser hair removal!!! Ha

Anya Marie said...

Hi Diane,
I just had PRK surgery Feb 7th and I seem to be on the same track as you were~Slow! I found you blog in a desperate search to make sure I wasn't the only one out here that feels worse off than when I when in... I have actually resorted to putting my confounded glasses back on! I go in Wednesday (15th) to have the bandage contact removed and I gonna pick the Dr.'s brain Big time! The worst part for me is I can't see my kids faces clearly =( I have one year old twins (B&G) and they are my life. Trying to do things for and with them is very difficult! How did you cope? Did your Dr err talk about temporary lenses? Help!! (if you can of course-I can see (ha ha) that you're a busy momma yourself.) Thanks! Anya (