Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to Blogging

I just read a post by my funny cousin Emily about blogging. She quoted another post from here. And I had a total "Ah-Ha!" moment. I realized that is exactly why I love blogs and facebook. It totally creates a sense of not being alone in this world of mommydom. It made me want to to rededicate myself to my blog. I post on facebook frequently and I think that is why I have neglected the blog, because I feel like I've said everything, but its not true! So even though I know I don't have a ton of readers, or a ton of commentors (hint, hint). Back to blogging I go! :)

Here are a few summer moments I have enjoyed so far: (I don't have a ton of pictures lately cause my camera is being a little weird)

Kate's first corn on the cob, she loves it just like the rest of the family!

Popsicles with friends, well, popsicles in general, they are a favorite at our house, even with mom. Thank heavens for the little popsicles they make now so Kate can be in on the fun with all the MESS!

I'll post updates on the whole family soon. Thanks blogsphere friends! :)


Emily said...

So cute! Zoe didn't love corn on the cob but she liked it cut off, so that's good. She also LOVES popsicles but can only eat it for so long before her little hand gets frozen. Hurray for summer and blogging!

Team Beardshall said...

Ha comments are here is one! Love the corn on the cob picture. So funny. I am on Facebook but feel that when I blog my thoughts are more "not so random" if that makes any sense. Also I am working on a book so maybe that would be motivation too.....look at it from a journaling standpoint!

Rob & Tiffanie said...

Carson can eat a popsicle in like 4 minutes:) Gives me about 4 minutes of gardening time without chasing him:) I love facebook and blogging because it gives me some adult conversation once in awhile:)

Amber Miskin said...

I mainly use my blog for my own journal and my plan is to print off books for each kid with blogs that pertain to them! Maybe that will help you too!