Monday, July 11, 2011


I feel the need to do a spotlight on each of my kids. I think I mostly need it to remind myself how lucky I am with these 3 kids, sometimes its hard to see the good through the nit-picky little things that get in our way so often. So, here is a short list about my sweet Beth.

She is affectionate, almost to a fault (she got in a trouble a few times for kissing too much in preschool, and sometimes a personal bubble is a concept you wish you could explain to a 5-year-old).

She LOVES swimming. She's in her second round of lessons this summer and doing great.

She loves to sing and dance. We've taken a break from dance lessons for a while, she wants to try gymnastics next, but she is always dancing around! She loves to sing too, and is always making up her own songs. Its quite cute

She would play with friends every second of everyday. I'm pretty sure I was that way as a kid. Its fun, unless we don't have playdates and then she gets bored fast and drives me a little nuts. Haha!

She starts Kindergarten in less than 2 months! I can't believe it! Ah! She is SUPER excited, and I have to admit, I am too! I'll probably tear up, but I think it will be fantastic for her.

She is also quite insightful and very tender hearted. Sometimes she bursts into tears because of something she learned at church, or because she misses a family member that lives far away. One night I found her crying in her room and when I asked why she said "because I love Jesus so much and I was thinking about Him and I miss Him." Sweet huh?

She is great at saying prayers. They are so sincere and she thinks to pray for things that I would never imagine a 5 year old thinking of. Last night she prayed that she would be able to not whine while she was waiting for swim lessons to start. Haha! And she prays for our widower neighbor on an almost daily basis. She prays that he will be happy and not feel lonely. Its the sweetest thing in the world.
- On a side note, I will never forget the first time Beth saw that particular neighbor after his wife died. We were at church and she was asking me the whole time to go talk to him. I of course made her wait until the meeting ended. As soon as it did, she booked it across the room to him, climbed on his lap and wrapped her arms around him so tight. She just sat there and hugged him for a good long time. He was crying, she was crying, everyone sitting by them was crying. It was one of those beautiful, sincere moments when you really see that amazing soul shining through. I hope she stays that compassionate her whole life.

She reminds me every day to appreciate the little things. There is something so amazing about seeing the world through the eyes of an ever eager 5 year old. Everything is spectacular to her, from the way the sun makes something sparkle, to how her dress twirls, to how delicious a cheese sandwich can be.

Oh, and did I mention she is GIRLY? Dresses, dressups, hairdos, lip gloss, barbies, jewelry, and anything that sparkles or is pink are high up on this girl's list.

I can't say I am always happy with her, or that I am always the best mom to her. Sometimes her clinginess drives me a little mad, and she is NOT a neat child, leaving me frustrated with the messes a lot of the time, and she is very much in the thick of the tattling phase, but I don't know what I would do without her. She is extremely helpful, and she loves me unconditionally despite my faults, which are SO many, especially when it comes to motherhood. I'm so grateful to have her. My life changed forever the day she was born, and its definitely been for the better.

So, when I complain in future blogs, know that underneath I wouldn't trade her, or any of them, for all the riches in the world. :)


Emily said...

The story about the widower made me BAWL. Diane, you are so lucky to have such a sweetheart for a daughter. Those are not traits that will leave her if she has them this early on. It sounds like a spiritual gift to me. What a blessing.

We have to force our kids to pray, and even Isaac at 7 still requires us to say the words for him to repeat. So just think, one less fight for you: prayers!

Nicole said...

Wonderful, wonderful post!!! She is such a sweetheart! You are a blessed mamma to have that little angel in your life. Remember she emulates you too, so you too are so many of those things she is. You are a GREAT mom!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget her best quality: She loves her Aunt Debbie! :-D

Trenda said...

Oh, so sweet! The part about hugging the widdower made me cry too! She is so much like Ambree! I should write about my kids too, so when they are driving me crazy I can look back and remember the good things! :)