Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Changes

I've been in change mode at home lately. I'm dying to redecorate, so I've been trying to pick one project at a time to work on. My most recent task has been decorating the top of my kitchen cabinets. I haven't had much at all up there since we moved in and its always bugged me! So here are pictures of what I've done. I still need to fill out the basket a little bit, but I'm happy with how its coming together. I found the painting at Ross the other day and it just inspired me and the rest came together. Yay!

Any tips of making it better? Or any general decorating tips? I'm not really very good at it, but I'm trying!


BensonFam said...

I like it - good job! :)

Rob & Tiffanie said...

I like it...just the right amount. I need to do the same for my cabinets, but haven't gotten to that yet