Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Larson Cup 2011

500 Meter Swim, 12 Mile Bike, and 3 Mile Run
(I designed the shirts, cute right?)

This past weekend was the annual Larson Cup triathlon! I look forward to it every year. I really do. Sometimes I wonder why, especially when the nerves kick in, and then the exhaustion after its all over, but its one of my favorite things that happens every year. I'm so proud of my family for keeping it going!

I think there were about 15 of us that participated this year, plus lots more that were there as cheering sections. I have been trying to train for the past 4 months or so as part of my on going battle with my weight and trying to get in shape. I wasn't nearly as ready as I wanted to be, but I was determined to finish the whole thing for my second time ever. My next door neighbor Natalie has been training with me and I talked her into participating too. I really don't think I would have trained as well without her, and its always great to know you have someone there with you. I'm so happy she came!

The Monday before the race I came down with a horrendous cold. Perfect timing. I was really annoyed that all of my training would go to waste, but I was still determined to do my best. I finished the race, at a personal best time of 1:59.30. Its not nearly what I was hoping for with the amount of training I put in, but it was still better than my first time (2:08.45), and I finished, so I'm happy! The course was really tough, there was a KILLER hill that we had to traverse 5 times! And the fact that I was exhausted from not sleeping well from my cold, and not being able to breathe probably contributed to my slowness. :) Its given me the bug for triathlons though. I'm helping a few girls in my neighborhood train for one and I think I will do one more this year, and keep striving for my goal of finally winning the women's division of the Larson Cup! Unfortunately I don't think I lost more than a pound or two for all my effort, but I'm gonna claim I have more muscle now. Or at least I hope so!

I forgot to bring my camera, but several family members had one and took pictures. Unfortunately, so far it seems that no one got any pictures of me participating! So I have no physical evidence of my participation, besides sore muscle, but I think my family will vouch for me.


Anonymous said...

So where are all the pictures anyway? I haven't seen any.

Summer said...

You rocked it, sista! I was totally impressed!