Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year. I'm totally excited, and nervous of course. I did the turkey for my in-laws Thanksgiving last year, so that was a good introduction, but this will be the first time for me to do all the important stuff and have to clean my house too. :) I'm still delegating some dishes so as not to overwhelm me or my one oven. I feel so on top of it though. I have the menu planned, a step-by-step breakdown of prep for next week and a timeline for the day of. I got a turkey roaster for Christmas last year and am so excited to use it. It has a buffet warmer option, so I will totally be using it to keep side dishes warm while I'm doing finishing touches on everything so I won't be stressing about everything getting cold. I'm borrowing a bunch of Thanksgiving decorations to spruce up the house and I can just feel the holiday spirit emanating from me. I love this time of year. I'm trying my best to savor it this year since it always goes so fast. I can't wait!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


Emily said...

How exciting! I dream of one day hosting Thanksgiving in my own home. I'll probably need a home first. I did the dinner last year but it was at my mom's house, so not the same. Good luck!

We're planning on going to St. George to spend it with Ellen but I haven't heard yet if she's still up for it (she had a baby a week ago). I hope she is, we want to go so bad!

Summer said...

I'm excited!

Rob & Tiffanie said...

I'm at the in-laws this year. But a few years ago we decided to do our own as well. Just us 6, but onl me cooking. It is a busy cooking day but it is tasty and I relly love having lefotvers so that is the main reason.I do a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, stuffing, rolls and pies. This year Rob will be home when I do it to help with kids and cooking. It is a lot of work for no guests but I like that I don't have the added pressure of guests either:)