Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Exercise Week

Just in case anyone was curious, I thought I would post what my current exercise schedule looks like. Its always a work in progress. I met with a Triathlon coach yesterday and she made some suggestions, so I will be changing things up a bit, but for now this has been my schedule for the last several weeks.

Monday- Run or Bike Ride
               Weights (usually chest and triceps)

Tuesday- Swimming at a Master's Class

Wednesday- Run or Bike Ride
                     Weights (Back and Biceps)

Thursday- Swimming at a Master's Class

Friday- Run
             Weights (Shoulders and Abs)

Saturday- Some combination of Triathlon training, I try to get at least 2 of the sports in, sometimes I get all 3. If I'm short on time its just a swim or run.

I have not been incorporating cycling as often as I should, so I will be upping that, and I might have to cut down a little on swimming to make time for it. But swimming is my favorite, so that's hard for me to do. :) I've also been battling a few running injuries, so for the next week or two all of my runs will be elliptical instead to help me heal faster. I also walk Beth to school nearly every day, which is 1.5 miles round trip.

How do I do it? I stopped making excuses. I lay everything out the night before, my clothes, shoes, breakfast, water bottle etc. and when my alarm goes off, I just get up. No excuses. I've had to make the alarm earlier a little bit at a time to fit in all in, but I just get it done. It isn't always as long or intense, but I just go. I will occasionally take an extra rest day if I feel my body is telling me too, and I took a few days off last week while I was sick, but otherwise, I just go! I stopped telling myself I can't do things and I just do my best, whatever that is on a given day. And I recruit friends along the way to keep me accountable and given me an extra layer of protection from excuses. :) It feels great to believe in myself. I still have a lot of days where I am too hard on myself and frustrated with my progress, but I know I'm getting there, one day at a time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 I'm getting skinnier! Haha. I've been a workout fiend for the past 6 months and its starting to pay off. hallelujah! It feels like its two steps forward, one step back, but I know I am so much healthier and happier than I was those 6 months ago. Hooray! I still have about 15 pounds and a lot of toning to go to my goal weight, but I actually got to my goal size already! Woot! Now I can have a new even smaller goal. :)

 I joined a Triathlon team through my local rec center, as well as a few other groups of people trying to get in shape, and it has been the best thing ever! I have all of these amazing athletes surrounding me and motivating me every step of the way, and it has really kept me going. I finally achieved the goal i've had for 2 years now of being able to run a 5k without walking, I did a 40 mile organized women's bike ride, and I have already completed a triathlon this year!

Ready to ride!

Finish line of the Goldilocks Bike Ride

Some of my goofy teammates at the Women of Steel Triathlon

Finisher! I got a huge personal record time and was so proud of myself!

My goals don't stop here. I have my family triathlon coming up in just a few weeks (i'm getting very excited!!), then I just signed up to do my first century bike ride in September! I'm totally scared, but I know I can do it with enough dedication! I also plan to work towards completing a 10k this year. I've battled a few injuries that make running tricky for me, so i will take that goal carefully and make sure not to hurt myself, that may have to wait until next year, but I'll get there! It feels good to believe in myself and to know that I can do hard things! I've come a looooong way so far, and I'm not done yet. I'll probably be updating more with my goals and achievements to help me have a record of how far i've come so I can stay motivated. :)

Family Pictures 2012

Ok, so I basically stopped blogging. whoops. Darn facebook. Anyway, I've been meaning to post some of our recent family pictures for a while for you all (like anyone reads this) to enjoy! They turned out so cute! The best part was they were FREE! I got a session with an awesome photographer, Kelli Bramble. Fun times. I can't believe how grown up all of my kids look, I am officially getting old and its weird. I love watching them grow though.