Saturday, August 18, 2012

30 Years!

How is it possible that I have been alive for 30 years? I still feel like a kid. Seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I should feel like a grown up yet. Don't get me wrong, I have PLENTY of grown up moments- bills, insurance, mortgage, kids, health issues, cleaning... Sometimes being a grown up isn't very fun. But on a day to day basis, I still feel like a teenager. I'm just kicking along, enjoying life, trying to find the fun wherever its hiding, trying to make friends, and keep friends and be liked. You know?

What a year its been! I feel like I've taken life by the horns this year. I finally took control, stopped complaining, stopped making excuses and just got stuff done. Not that i've been perfect, far from it, but I feel like I made big progress. I'm so proud of myself for being able to say that! The last few years on my birthday I've looked back at my goals with a lot of disappointment, I always felt like I failed. NOT THIS TIME!

A few things I accomplished since this time last year:

-I have lost about 26 pounds.
-I competed in 2 triathlons, besting my previous personal best by about 25 minutes.
-I ran several 5k's without walking.
-I bought a road bike and have peddled it approximately 350 miles in the last 4 months.
-I swam approximately 70 miles.

Obviously those are all from one area of my life, but I feel like taking control of my body, and learning to take care of myself has made me a better person all around. I'm being a better mother, a better wife and a better me. I'm still far from perfection, but I'm happy to be happy and moving forward finally. Ryan and I also made huge improvements to how we track our finances, that has helped us tremendously. We also started a new thing to help us keep our house in better order, and that is helping me a ton too.

I've really been looking forward to turning 30. I feel like its a new beginning. A new decade! I'm looking forward to experiencing my family in this next stage of our lives. My kids are getting older and more independent. I love seeing them grow into their personalities, I can't wait to see how they keep evolving. In just a short few years all of my kids will be in school and I'll have some spare time, imagine that! I'm also looking forward to what I can become. I've experienced just a taste of what i'm capable of and I love it! I want to keep pushing myself to be better and stronger. I have big goals for the future and I'm seriously looking forward to knocking them down one at a time. No more fear! No more doubting myself! Bring it on 30's, i'm ready for you!

Some goals for the coming year:
-Compete in 2-3 more triathlons and improve my times.
-Run a couple more 5k's.
-Run a 10k.
-Feel like a runner! :)
-Create my best body.
-Find my spiritual center.
-Revel in the joy of life and motherhood.

Just for some photo proof of my progress, here are a few pictures taken last Summer:

And recent photos:

(Pictures courtesy of my awesome friend Amy Beardshall! More to come!)


Team Beardshall said...

Lookin great lady! Glad to know that taking the bull by the horns has improved things all around! You are beautiful! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Diane. I sometimes stalk your blog through the link on Debbie's blog. I remember the day you were born so clearly. I spent the night with your sister and we were so excited. I loved spending time with you when you were little. I don't know if you remember but I would take you place with me and we always had so much fun. It is wonderful to see your little family and to hear that you are happy! Jennifer Miesm Sheffield :)