Tuesday, October 23, 2012

She is 7!!

How on EARTH did she go from that to this?!?!

I'm not sure how I feel about this! For some reason 7 is hitting me hard. She is so grown up! I am so grateful for the way my life changed forever on this day at 4:46pm in 2005. I wanted to be a mother as long as I could remember and this beautiful girl made that dream come true. I have never met such a sensitive, kind hearted girl in my life. I've never met such a naturally spiritual and tender hearted person either. She is an amazing sister and daughter. I love her so much!!

I had fun yesterday reminiscing with her about the kind of baby she was. She was such a good, sweet baby. I was so blessed to have her as my first experience in mothering!

She is excelling in 1st grade. She loves math, she has yet to come home with a math paper from school with less than 100% on it. And her writing and reading have really taken off this year. She has a wonderful imagination and is turning into quite the artist. 

I really would be lost without my Beth. Happy birthday sweet girl. 
Try to slow down this growing up business please!

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