Monday, October 15, 2012

What we've been up to

The kids are busy, busy these days. Mostly with school!

I didn't realize how much time 1st grade involves! Beth is gone from 8:45am to 4:00pm. Then she gets a few minutes to play and then its homework, dinner, family time and bed. There is hardly time for play, I feel bad sometimes! Beth is a trooper though. She loves school and is doing great. She has found that she loves math which makes me happy. Her reading and writing has improved by leaps and bounds since school started this year. She makes me very proud! She is also a fantastic helper and great big sister. I adore watching her hang out with Kate. It makes me so happy to see sisters that are also friends. It makes me heart happy.

Kate started preschool in September. She LOVES it. Her favorite part is all the songs they sing. She has always loved music, but now she spends about 80% of her day singing. I love it! It is so adorable. She's pretty good at it too. She has even taught me some songs from school, tune, words and all.  I'm pretty impressed with her music abilities! :) Not that I'm biased.

James is loving Kindergarten too. He does great. Dealing with diabetes at school has been a pain. Its taken a few meetings with the district nurse and James' teacher and even his principle to get it ironed out, but so far things are going well. Luckily he's tough and awesome about dealing with it all. We're thinking about starting him in Karate or Tae Kwon Doe. We'll see if this nervous mama can pull the trigger on that. :)

Ryan stays super busy at work. He is doing a workout program with me too, its fun to do it together.

I stay busy with exercise, carpool, carpool, and carpool. And occasionally cleaning the house when I find the time. :) Its hard to balance it all! I'm working on it...

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