Monday, April 8, 2013

More puppies

Sorry, I can't resist. :) We went and saw the puppies again on Saturday. They are getting so big and really coming into their personalities. It is so fun to watch them explore their world. We got to take all 11 puppies outside to play with them. So fun! They are 6 weeks old now.

This sweet little girl (same one as the picture with Beth above) seemed to really like our family. When we were outside with all the puppies she would play right next to James, then run off for a minute, but she would always come back to him. She was very sweet and calm. It was so cute. Then we went inside and all the other puppies went into their kennel to sleep but this one stayed out and snuggle with everyone in the family and then fell asleep on my lap. *puppy love* The breeder said there was a chance we were being "chosen". She says it happens sometimes that a puppy just know where it belongs, and she'd be an idiot to ignore it. There will be no final decisions made until April 16th, the breeder always waits for puppy testing scores, but she said she would definitely make notes about how she behaved with us. Sweet little thing! I had kind of over looked her on our previous visits, so many puppies to love on, but now of course she holds my heart strings. :) I will love any puppy we end up with, but even Kate said "this is our puppy mom." We will know in a week from tomorrow!!

Celebrating James

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear James, Happy birthday to you!

 Birthday morning gifts. 

 More presents!

Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse (He said he wanted to go to the cowboy restaurant where you can sit on a horse for you birthday.)

 And finally, a few days after the actual birthday, McDonald's and Jungle Jim's with James' friend Craig and the family. So much fun! We love you James!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How on earth???

James is 6! I can't even believe it. I was pregnant with James when we moved into our house, and it really doesn't seem possible that its been 6 years.

James is an amazing kid. He is creative, gentle, brave and considerate. He deals with more than any kid should have to. He pricks his fingers 8-10+ times a day. He gets a large needle and catheter inserted in his body every 2-3 days and his life depends on lots of daily medication. He eats on a fairly strict schedule, and can't always have what he wants to eat. He worries about going low or high and is much more conscious of his body and how he feels then most kids his age. Its not fair, but he really does make the best of it. He certainly has days where he wishes we could take a break from diabetes (don't we all???), but generally he is very brave and patient about it, and for that I am truly grateful.

James is very smart. He is doing awesome in school. His teacher loves him. He loves math, and anything to do with numbers. We feel that is one blessing that has come from diabetes, he learned very young what numbers look like and what they mean and it has really helped him grasp math concepts.

James has a lot of his dad's personality. :) He doesn't love big crowds, crowded stores, or getting his pictures taken (thus the lack of photos on this post, i'm working on him!)! He does great with kids in smaller groups, and has lots of friends at school. He plays great with his sisters, especially Kate.

James still loves cars, and other vehicles, monster trucks, airplanes, rockets etc. He also loves beyblades, riding his scooter, reading books, star wars and running. He will be giving track a try this year, I hope he loves it!

Celebration plans: Today James got to pick meals for the day. His choices: Cinnamon rolls, peanut butter and honey sandwich, and Texas Roadhouse with the whole family for dinner! On Friday we are going as a family to Jungle Jims (small amusement park style rides for kids), and he is bringing one friend from school. Easy kid. :)

I love him so much! I'm grateful for everything he is to our family. I'm grateful for his example in dealing with hardship. He is a great kid and I am really looking forward to watching him grow up. Cute kid. I love my boy!